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Do you know the Source of Garden Iron Fence?

Jul. 25, 2020

As an Iron Fence Manufacturer, share with you. The source of all art can be traced back to the ancient times of mankind, and the art of forging and cast iron can also be traced back to the days of our ancestors. The first is the presentation of iron. Iron is not a substance in nature, but it was about the fifth century BC that humans can extract iron with a certain purity. Iron occurs in agriculture, and the development of society to a certain level promotes the occurrence of iron; iron promotes the development of agriculture, and the early iron tillage tools are the embryonic form of iron art.

Garden Iron Fence

Garden Iron Fence

Therefore, the early iron art has strong applicability and utilitarianism rather than simple aesthetics. Secondly, iron art has an inseparable connection with construction art. The early tillage tools and weapons are not iron art in our current sense. As long as people separate furniture from metal art and steel becomes the primary material of furniture, iron art can be truly developed.

Iron folding chairs and seats appeared early in the ancient Roman period. They were used by other local chief executives during gatherings. These folding chairs have not yet used techniques such as carving, hollowing, and forging, but only some ornaments such as ivory are embedded. This shows that as soon as wrought iron furniture is presented, it is connected with majesty and dignity.

Iron art has found the development soil in Europe. With the advancement of continental European culture, the luxurious customs of palace days began to be numerous. This custom also affected the style of construction and furniture. The luxurious, wealthy, and sophisticated doors, windows and fences in the palace, elaborate tables, chairs, screens, and wall hangings , All have the shadow of iron decorations, and they all overflow the wealth, rights and common sense of the privileged class.

The original awkward, heavy, and lack of dynamic iron furniture has become a request to change the furniture with circulation lines and delicate, unpredictable appearance. Even so, the manufacture of iron furniture was still a time-consuming and laborious task at the time, and people more often just used iron to make various delicate ornaments to decorate the wooden furniture. Even so, the workload of manufacturing iron ornaments is still much larger than that of manufacturing wooden furniture.

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