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What is the Reason Why the Zinc Steel Fence does not Rust?

Aug. 26, 2020

As a 5ft Garden Gate Manufacturer, share with you. First of all, zinc is a metal that is difficult to corrode. When the zinc is heated to the surface of the steel, it can prevent corrosion and rust just by the action of moisture and oxygen in the air; in addition, zinc is also a substance that can increase smoothness, so Many zinc steel fence manufacturers use this method to prevent steel from being oxidized.

5ft Garden Gate

5ft Garden Gate

Zinc steel can prevent rust and provide a zinc protective film for the metal. Conductive metal material repair and color-increasing care agent; safe and reliable double protection, synthetic metal resin protective layer and cathodic protective layer, can resist bad weather, Suitable for long-term protection of metal; excellent resistance to corrosion by salt and water.

Strong adhesion to various metals and their alloys, can be sprayed directly without primer, high temperature resistance, not afraid of baking, after drying, the coating can withstand high temperature of about 120 ℃. The anti-drying temperature can reach 80°C, fast drying. Economical and practical, it can prevent rust with one spray.

So what are the characteristics of zinc steel fences?

1. The zinc steel fence adopts high-quality brand products from steel, accessories to surface treatment, which fundamentally guarantees the excellent quality of the products.

2. Zinc steel fence has good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and humidity and heat resistance, and is suitable for use in different regions.

3. The zinc steel fence is coated with imported Akzo Nobel powder, which has good decoration and colorful colors to meet the individual needs of different customers for products.

4. The zinc steel fence substrate is immersed in a hot-dip galvanized pool, and a layer of zinc layer is adsorbed on the surface, which plays a role of electrochemical protection, preventing the steel substrate from rusting from the inside to the outside. Through pre-treatment and zinc-rich phosphating Other processes enhance the adhesion of the coating film and the substrate. After the polyester color powder coating, a permanent coating is formed. No matter what the environment, the zinc steel guardrail will not rust, fade, chalk, fall off, and the color will be durable and bright .

5. The zinc steel fence adopts an assembled design, which is quick and simple to install.

6. The zinc steel fence uses stainless steel safety screws, and the anti-theft design solves your worries.

7.Zinc steel fence has good flexibility, and the rigidity and flexibility of steel pipes make fence products have better impact performance.

8. Zinc steel fence adopts high-end imitation enamel electrophoresis process and electrostatic spraying process, so that the fence product has good self-cleaning performance, and it can be as clean as new by rain washing and water gun spraying.

9. Zinc steel fence is environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment, and solves the problem of common products polluting buildings.

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