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What are the Main Uses of Garden Iron Fence?

Apr. 16, 2021

As a Garden Gate With Lock Factory, share with you. The main points are as follows:

Garden Iron Fence

Garden Iron Fence

1. The fence-type lawn fence can be customized according to the requirements of architects and developers. The fences of the fence vary in height and form various smooth curves. It is a design that combines art and engineering.

2. Gardens and community lawn fences are usually white, which is suitable for the enclosure of villas and residential apartment buildings.

3. Garden guardrails Garden lawn guardrails are mainly used for the enclosure of garden villas, parks, schools, churches, apartments, seaside holiday houses and seaside parks.

4. Shielded guardrails This type of guardrail cannot see the scenery inside the fence from the outside, and is mainly used in occasions where privacy is required. There is also a type of shelter and ventilation, which is suitable for occasions that require cooling in the yard at night in summer.

5. The heavy lawn guardrail is made of galvanized special-shaped steel coated with PVC. It is suitable for large-scale venues or traffic enclosures, especially for occasions with high strength requirements. It is mainly used for livestock breeding in agriculture, highways, large industrial bases and large entertainment venues.

6. The flowerbed lawn guardrail is a low-profile guardrail, which is an ideal guardrail for grassland, entertainment venues, villas, and parks.

7. Decoration and enclosure of balcony fences, balconies and roof terraces. Mainly used in villas, churches, schools, apartments, seaside leisure houses and other places.

8. Stair guardrails are generally designed with wood grain, which can beautify the room environment.

9. The pavilion and the flower stand pavilion are assembled structures, which are not only very beautiful, but also convenient and quick to install. The place where the pavilion is built makes the environment more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. The flower stand can turn the backyard of the villa into a gorgeous garden and expand the living space.

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